4 Stroke Kart - L0206
4 Stroke Kart - L0206
4 Stroke Kart - L0206
4 Stroke Kart - L0206

4 Stroke Kart - L0206

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The Rapido V is a proven 4 stroke race winner. The chassis complements the L0206 in a way that enables the racer to focus more on their race craft and less on trying to chase the field. Never follow.

LO206 has become one of the biggest classes among the Pacific Northwest over the past few year. The low maintenance and great price point makes for some of the closest and best racing you could imagine.

This 4 Stroke engine may not seem like enough kart to handle at 9HP but it is a great way to be introduced into the sport for all ages.
Ages 12 - 15 Junior
Ages 15 & Up Senior/ Heavy
Our karts are sold as build, ready to hit the track. A $250 assembly fee is included in the price.
Package Includes:
Italkart Rapido KF Chassis
LO206 Engine
Rear Brakes
Laguna Specs:
Tube Size: 30mm
Axle Size: 50mm Standard
Axle Bearings: 3
Brake System: EV0R1
Master Cylinders: Reservoir self adjusting
Rear Rotor: Floating Vented
Fuel Tank: 8.5 litres
Torsion Bars: Front - Rear
Front Ride Height: Adjustable
Rear Ride Height: Adjustable
Wheelbase: Fixed
Engine: LO206
Horsepower: 9HP
Transmission: Automatic