TAG Kart - X125WC Junior
TAG Kart - X125WC Junior
TAG Kart - X125WC Junior

TAG Kart - X125WC Junior

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Single Speed "TAG" karting is the most popular category in North America, affordable pricing with reliability at the same time. Tag racing give you the gives you a chance to learn basics and master your race craft for all ages. 

Ages 12 - 15 Junior
Our karts are sold as build, ready to hit the track. A $250 assembly fee is included in the price.
Package Includes:
Italkart Rapido KF Chassis
Rear Brakes
X125WC Motor with Junior Exhaust Restrictor


Rapido TAG Package Specs:
Tube Size: 30mm
Axle Size: 50mm Standard
Axle Bearings: 3
Brake System: EV0R1
Master Cylinders: Reservoir self adjusting
Rear Rotor: Floating Vented
Fuel Tank: 8.5 litres
Torsion Bars: Front - Rear
Front Ride Height: Adjustable
Rear Ride Height: Adjustable
Wheelbase: Fixed
X125WC Specs:
Motor: X125WC
Gearbox: Automatic
Power Valve: No
Restrictor: Exhaust - Junior